Erasmus Without Paper allows you to digitalise your Erasmus+ mobility management processes. Depending on whether you use a 3rd party provider, an in-house built Erasmus management tool or you are not using any specific IT tool to manage your Erasmus mobility, you will have different possibilities to take part in Erasmus Without Paper.

The following picture gives an overview of the different options. On this site you will find information and tools for all three scenarios.

EWP Scenarios

1. No Tool

If you are not using any tool to manage your Erasmus mobilities, you can use the Erasmus Without Paper Dashboard. Join over 760 institutions by using the Dashboard, a free to use management tool providing you with the basic functionality needed to manage all processes of Erasmus+. It also connectes to the European Commission's Erasmus+ App and lets you manage Online Learning Agreements. The tool has been developed with the support of the European Commission.

Video Tutorial

What is the Erasmus Dashboard and how does it work (Presentation)

Dashboard FAQs

Video Tutorials on the usage of the Dashboard:

Tutorial links



2. In-house built mobility management software

If you are using your own in-house built mobility management software, connecting it with the Erasmus Without Paper Network will allow you to communicate with other systems, so that you can send and receive student information as data into your system. Furthermore, you can connect to the Erasmus Mobility Tool+ via connecting to the Erasmus Without Paper Network.

The implementation will need to be done by your IT team and thus, we encourage you to involve them in the process right from the beginning.

Entry Process instructions - explaining how to join the Erasmus Without Paper Network

Instructional videos for EWP Network (demonstration):

We also encourage you to consider joining the Open Source University Alliance (OSUA) to contribute to a common repository of university IT systems, allowing you to work in an open format and taking advantage of software modules that have been developed by other Universities.

3. Use of 3rd party mobility management software

In case you are using a 3rd party mobility management software, chances are that they are currently connecting their software to Erasmus Without Paper to provide you with the functionality to send and receive mobility data via their software. Please get in touch with your respective mobility management software provider to learn more about their involvement in Erasmus Without Paper.

Overview of current 3rd party mobility software providers that have initiated the connection with the Erasmus Without Paper Network:

  • CINECA’s ESSE3 in Italy
  • MUCI’s USOS in Poland
  • QS unisolution’s MoveOn
  • SIGMA in Spain
  • SOP’s Mobility-Online
  • Solenovo’s SoleMOVE (tbc)
  • UNIT’s FS in Norway