Erasmus Without Paper allows Higher Education Institutions with their own in-house developed IT systems or 3rd party mobility software providers to connect to the Erasmus Without Paper Network. 

The EWP Network consists of:

  • A registry, which is available on the EWP server and can be understood as an address book of all the partners involved in the EWP Network and mobility services they support.
  • A set of services (APIs) for different steps of the Erasmus+ mobility process. Each institution/organisation can decide to implement different services, depending on which data they want to exchange.

For an institution/organisation to start exchanging data with others, it will need to create and publish a manifest file on your institution/organisation’s server. This file will describe which data you want to exchange.

The goal behind this architecture is to give you as an institution/organisation the flexibility to implement EWP in your software solution for manging Erasmus+ mobilities as you see fit, while at the same time making it compatible with all other software systems.

To implement a connection with the Erasmus Without Paper Network, you will need to

  1. Get familiar with the technical documentation and the mobility business processes – We have created elaborate technical documentation for your IT team. To start implementing the connectors at your institution/organisation, please go to the developer portal of Erasmus Without Paper:
  2. Implement the Echo and Discovery APIs – these are the most basic APIs that will allow you to be visible in the EWP Network and to communicate with other parties.
  3. Provide us with the URL where you are hosting your discovery manifesto – this will allow us to add you to the registry to start communicating with other organisations/institutions.

For more information go to the EWP Competence Center.

Overview of material & tools

Erasmus Without Paper GitHub repository (external link)
ECHO API Validator & XML Schema Validator (external link - Bottom of page)

Technical presentations

Presentation held at European University Information Systems (EUNIS) conference 2018 (by Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz)

Technical papers

Paper presented at European University Information Systems (EUNIS) conference 2018

Paper presented at European University Information Systems (EUNIS) conference 2017

Paper presented at European University Information Systems (EUNIS) conference 2016