When using an in-house developed tool, you will need to develop so called APIs that connect your system with the Erasmus Without Paper network. The connectors are translating your own data structure to the standards of the network that enables to exchange machine readable information.

Besides building links with your partner institutions via EWP, you will also need to work on procedures and functionality to actually use the information that floats over the network. For example, when you receive data about a student who is nominated on a Learning Agreement, you need to decide what to do with this data: automatically copy it in your database, validate it by an administrator, manually copy each field...

Learn from your colleagues

It goes without saying that a lot of decisions are needed to be made. Good practices and reference implementation by the project partners can inspire you for completing this process. The Competence Center provides illustrations and support of different Use Cases.

For higher education IT-specialists the Open Source University Alliance was created. The Open Source University Alliance pools the expertise of those specialists who are developing software to manage student mobility by creating a unique repository where developers can share their experiences and solutions by sharing their code.

By creating such an open repository of source code and software, the higher education community will have full access to the necessary tools to meet the demands that they are posed with today. The core of the Open Source University Alliance will be composed by HEIs willing to lead by example with regards to sharing open source solutions developed by their respective teams.

The menu of APIs

There are several APIs, each of them supporting a specific phase of the exchange processes.

  • ECHO
  • Institutions
  • Organizational Unites
  • Inter-institutional agreements
  • Incoming mobilities
  • Outgoing mobilities
  • Transcript of records

Not all APIs need to be developed at once. Institutions can choose for a phased implementation without losing the benefits of already exchanging information through the existing APIs

All technical documentation is available on http://developers.erasmuswithoutpaper.eu.