A WP4 coding camp of the Erasmus Without Paper project was held at the University of Warsaw on 6-7 February 2017. Since the data models and APIs for data exchange via the EWP network are now relatively stable, all development teams participating in WP5 (connector development) have started coding and the EWP registry has been filled with first entries. The eight development teams met in Warsaw to discuss and fine-tune their progress, do some on the spot testing, check the connections between the registry and the local SISs,  and make sure that the overall EWP development is on the right track.

The main topics on the agenda were:

  1. Functionality of the general/reference connector. What might be the requirements from the prospective stakeholders, what needs should it fulfill, setting the priorities, demonstrating what is already available.
  2. Demonstration of the connectors being developed by WP5 partners.
  3. Discussion on business scenarios to be supported by the EWP platform and how they will be incorporated into the local mobility processes; sharing visions on the priorities of the end users.
  4. Update on the data model and APIs for the EWP network.
  5. Detailed plan and timeline for development for the remaining months of the project.

If you are interested in the progress of the design and implementation of the EWP network, please read the special development guide available at: http://developers.erasmuswithoutpaper.eu/

To access GitHub, follow this link: https://github.com/erasmus-without-paper/

All interested developers are welcome to take part in the design by giving feedback.