The European University Information Systems Organization (EUNIS) recently had its 2017 Congress in Münster, Germany. EUNIS works on helping member institutions develop their IT landscape by sharing experiences and working together and it is thus highly relevant to EWP.

At the Congress, Janina Mincer Daszkiewicz from the University of Warsaw was there on behalf of the EWP and EMREX. She presented a paper called “EMREX and EWP offering complementary digital services in the higher education area”. The paper compares the aims, approaches and challenges of EWP and EMREX and offers guidelines for HEIs which are considering getting involved in the digitalization efforts of higher education.

At a pre-Congress workshop, EWP was also presented together with the European Student Card (ESC) project. EWP and ESC has cooperated in the past, for example by visiting each other’s events, and are planning to deepen the cooperation further in the future.

You can find the paper and many other relevant information and presentations at the Downloads page.