A session on “Erasmus Without Paper — from the technical perspective”  will be delivered during the EUNIS Conference 2016 by Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz and Wojciech Rygielski, consortium partners of EWP project from the University of Warsaw. The presentation is scheduled during the Parallel Session One – OpenX & Interoperability scheduled on 8th June between 11.45am-1.15pm.  EUNIS (European University Information Systems) is an international organisation whose mission is to help member institutions develop their IT landscape by sharing experiences and working together.

The Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) project  aims to create a network supporting the electronic exchange of student data by interlinking the existing Erasmus student databases of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with the goal to permanently migrate from the paper world to the electronic world of student data. It is a response to the current needs of the information society, more specifically a large number of potential end-beneficiaries ranging from students, institutional Erasmus coordinators, IRO staff, HEIs at large, national agencies, or even the European Commission. 

The session will tackle the EWP the implementation of the pilot phase during which the developers are testing out the feasibility of the proposed solutions for all HEIs in Europe. The presentation will demonstrate the results of the first half year of the project, mostly from the technical perspective. The presenters will share some design and implementation decisions concerning the architecture, security, scalability of the EWP Network, data format, API, protocols supporting data exchange, and other technically oriented issues. 

In the first step the general architecture of the EWP Network has been designed along with some general discovery services and security mechanisms. The API design is in progress. The development of connectors for local systems will follow. All the specifications, documents, and source code will be hosted on GitHub. The EWP consortium opens this space to the academic community and prospective developers of local connectors. This session aims to call for cooperation, especially directed toward other European projects/groups with the focus on student mobility and student data sharing across borders. 

More information available at the following links:

EUNIS CONFERENCE http://www.eunis.org/eunis2016/ 

EWP SESSION http://www.eunis.org/eunis2016/sessions/parallel-session-one-4/