On the 17th of March 2017, the EWP Stakeholder Meeting took place in Porto. Representatives from HEIs, university networks, National Agencies and other stakeholders were there. All in all, there were 96 participants.

From the presentations and conversations, it was clear that EWP has sparked a lot of interest among key stakeholders from all over Europe. Guests from the Groningen Declaration Network, EMREX, National Student Clearinghouse, European Association of Erasmus Coordinators and others were there and gave valuable input on the discussions.

A few of the most important agenda points were:

  • A presentation from the European Commission, explaining why the Commission is interested in the digitalization of higher education mobility;
  • A presentation about EWP’s synergies with the Online Learning Agreements project;
  • An interactive session in which the audience gave input on EWP’s importance for different groups of stakeholders (students, administrators, academics, developers + operators, and partners);
  • Discussions on the follow-up project and how to move EWP forward in the future.

There was also a session in which students from the Erasmus Student Network Porto gave their input on why students can benefit from the digitalization of higher education mobility.

All the presentations from the conference are available here.

The final conference will take place in Brussels on Tuesday the 26th of September. Keep an eye on this website for updates.