One of the very important partner organisations for EWP is the Groningen Declaration Network (GDN). GDN works on bringing together key stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem and unlike EWP it extends to all over the world. GDN was one of the prominent partners coming to the Stakeholders Meeting in Porto earlier this year.

The latest GDN annual meeting took place in Melbourne, Australia from 26th to 28th April 2017 (see programme here). EWP had three representatives there: Valère Meus from Ghent University (as invited plenary speaker), Joao Bacelar from the European University Foundation and Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz from the University of Warsaw.

Valère held a presentation about "Student Data Portability in Europe: Recent Trends" (presentation available here). He elaborated on the EU’s new eIDAS and GDPR regulations and provided a context for the EWP, EMREX, OLA, ESC and Egracons projects and the Erasmus+ App. Janina also did a presentation with Geir Magne Vangen (University of Oslo)  on “EMREX and EWP compared with updates about ongoing pilot initiatives” (EWP part of the presentation available here), whereas Joao established the necessary contacts and consultations with respect to the forthcoming EWP 2.0.

The European Commission's Erasmus Unit also sent a video message to the GND, explaining the links between the developments in digitalisation of education and the Erasmus+ Programme. The Commission also mentioned projects such as the Online Learning Agreement, the European Student Card and the Erasmus+ app, all of which are also important to EWP. You can download the video here.

EWP is happy to continue its collaboration with the GDN and looks forward to deepen the collaboration in the future.