The Erasmus Without Paper project was officially launched at Ghent University between 12-13 November 2015. It gathered all consortium partners composed of universities, semi-public institutions and public vendors dealing with Student Information Systems, student organisations, and higher education organisations. The variety and a range of expertise of partners is complementary and indispensable to develop the EWP Network and to carry out a pilot phase of electronic exchange of student data. Altogether the project involves 11 full partners from 9 EU countries and 12 associate institutions from 9 EU countries and the USA.

Representatives of the European Commission present at the meeting emphasised the importance of the project for the future of the Erasmus+ Programme whose impact may be increased as a result of the facilitated application process that the EWP project aims to achieve. The EWP also seek synergies with other EU-funded projects with an objective of improving the exchange of student data in Europe such as the EMREX project whose representative attended the kick-off meeting to observe and identify common areas of interest wherever appropriate.

After the presentation of administrative aspects of the EWP implementation by the project co-ordinator, the partners had the first working session on the technical side of the project such as its scope, expected outcomes, and a timeline. The participants also received valuable feedback from the external evaluator who assisted the consortium in identifying the key issues and processes to be considered in the work plan.

The EWP project is an EU-funded initiative to be implemented between November 2015 and October 2017. Its results are intended to benefit all Higher Education Institutions in Europe.