Wouldn’t it be nice? A trusted, digital student identity that allows for seamless access to a wide range of services: from applying for mobility under Erasmus+ to the management of academic records, access to university services, online discounts and more – and all of this within a secure and reliable eID management framework! 

On 20-21 November in Berlin, the MyAcademicID project (MyAID) will present the progress made so far in developing a European Student eID Scheme for Higher Education. MyAID knits together the unique student identifier of the European Student Card project with secure authentication via the eduGAIN network. Linking local authentication with global access to services would allow students to smoothly navigate the digital world and safely and seamlessly authenticate their student status across borders and across institutions! 

Attendees and speakers will include HEI leaders, EU decision-makers, student representatives and student unions, international relations officers, student service providers, and national and international experts in the field of digitalisation and IT. Deadline for registrations is November 1, 2019. Places are limited, so register now to secure your spot!

More information on MyAcademicID can be found on the project's website: http://www.myacademic-id.eu/